Video: Your answering machine on steroids

January 29, 2018

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A picture is worth a thousand words… So we made a video to show how chatpointment benefits businesses by allowing them to hang up the phone and focus on success! Watch it at chatpointment’s Youtube channel or read on below (may contain spoilers!) if you are the ‘book-before-the-movie’ type.

You are a business owner who knows that the key to… - Rrriiiinng Rrrriiinng - …success is to provide the best possible… - Rrriiiinng Rrrriiinng - … service to your clients. But do you find yourself spending time on the phone managing reservations which you would rather spend focused on clients? Let alone answering reservation requests coming in during off hours..!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow automatically respond to customer requests around the clock? You can! With a free chatbot from chatpointment, your clients can contact your business anytime without the Rrrriiinng!

So, what is a chatbot and what does chatpointment do?

chatpointment’s chatbot is like an answering machine on steroids: A computer program powered by artificial intelligence that customers can simply chat with to arrange appointments. Your clients contact your Facebook page via Messenger and have a conversation with your chatbot which will take the booking on your behalf. Learn more and see how chatpointment can benefit your business at!