New Beauty Services Showcase available

December 15, 2017

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We have released our first public showcase! It demonstrates how chatpointment can automate appointment bookings for beauty services. With chatpointment, business owners will be able to simply register their facebook page and instantly have our chatbot working for them. The chatbot is accessible through the business’ Facebook page or directly through Facebook Messenger.

Our showcase is the fictional hair studio Get Cut Or Try Dyeing whose Facebook page is connected with chatpointment’s chatbot. The conversation is initiated by sending a message to the page. From then on, the bot guides the booking process and will prompt the user for necessary input. To successfully arrange an appointment, time, date and the requested service need to be established.

Choose a date

Although the bot may prompt for a certain input, the conversation flow is deliberately not rigid and designed to handle non-linearity. When asked for a date, for instance, the user may respond with his or her preferred time, or right away state all necessary details in a single sentence.

Choose a service

The business’ provided services, their description and duration are set by business owners during the setup of chatpointment. To simplify choosing a service, these are displayed within the conversation in an embedded user interface component called a ‘carousel’.

A carousel, showing available services.

A particular service’s estimated duration is crucially important for the booking process to check if a requested time slot still fits into the calendar. If this is not the case, the bot will suggest the closest available option instead.

Confirm the reservation

Once a free slot is found, the user will be prompted to confirm the appointment. This in turn leads to an event entry within the business’ Google calendar, which is automatically created during setup by chatpointment. For demonstration purposes, the actual calendar managed by chatpointment for the Get Cut Or Try Dyeing Hair Studio Demo is publicly viewable in the Hair Studio Calendar tab on the showcase’s Facebook page.

After the booking is confirmed, the bot responds to the user with a confirmation message containing a bookmark-able link from where the event can be imported to the client’s personal calendar, as well.

Interested? Try for yourself

Interested? Dare to get cut and try for yourself! Stay tuned for upcoming feature enhancements and further showcases.