Multi-language support

March 01, 2018

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In our latest ‘Beta Chatauri’ release we have focused on multi-language support and made our chatbot ‘speak’ German.

chatbot speaks German

With making our chatbot available in German, we have laid the ground-work for adding support for more languages in the future and enable businesses internationally to automate appointment bookings with chatpointment.

The conversation a client has to book an appointment features the same capabilities in either language. Just say when you would like to come, what type of service you are after and which team member you would like to book. You may either state everything up-front or let the chatbot lead the conversation by asking about necessary details.

References to time and date in spoken and written language differ substantially between different countries and languages. Naturally, chatpointment is prepared to understand these differences and presents booking details in a way that is familiar for speakers of a certain language. For instance, a prime example is the use of 12-hour notation for time (e.g. ‘2pm’) that is common in English speaking countries, whereas German speaking countries make use of 24-hour notation (e.g. ‘14:00’) instead.

The below two screenshots show parts of the same type of conversation, with the exception that the exchanges on the left are in English from our Get Cut Or Try Dyeing Hair Studio Demo, and the right-hand side shows our Praxis Biss-Fest Dentist Demo in German.

Appointment reservation dialog, English vs German

The chatbot’s language setting is individually controllable by the business, just like its offered services, staff members and opening hours. The booking confirmation page from which clients can import an appointment into their own calendar is also translated and matches the language of the preceding booking conversation. Below is a side-by-side comparison of English and German versions of the booking confirmation page.

Appointment reservation confirmed, English vs German

Ready to get started?

Book an appointment at the Get Cut Or Try Dyeing Hair Studio Demo to see the new booking details in action! Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Make an appointment at our German Praxis Biss-Fest Dentist Demo!

Would you like chatpointment to speak your language, too? Let us know, we might already be working on it!