Branded appointment details

March 15, 2018

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In our latest ‘Beta Chatauri’ release we have introduced a new way of presenting appointment details prior to booking to enhance the presentation of a businesses brand.

New booking view

Another new feature that comes with ‘Beta Chatauri’ is a new view presenting all relevant appointment details prior to booking. Instead of showing booking details only in textual form, appointment details are now displayed in an embedded graphical user interface that includes a recognizable image for the businesses brand, an image of the staff member the appointment is with, and a directly navigable link showing the business on Google Maps. The below screenshots show booking proposals from our showcases with the respective Facebook page’s cover photo used as the branding image.

Branded appointment details, English vs German

The improved visualization of booking details not only enhances readability, but also allows businesses to represent their brand and make the booking experience a more personal one.

Ready to get started?

Book an appointment at the Get Cut Or Try Dyeing Hair Studio Demo to see the new booking details in action! Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Make an appointment at our German Praxis Biss-Fest Dentist Demo!

Would you like chatpointment to speak your language, too? Let us know, we might already be working on it!