Booking of staff members

January 09, 2018

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With our new release, chatpointment introduces Marion and Marc to the Get Cut Or Try Dyeing Hair Studio Demo. With these two stylists we demonstrate in our live and publicly available showcase how customers can choose a certain staff member for their appointment.

The enhancement to our chatbot’s capability merges seamlessly into the existing conversation’s flow of requesting time, date, and actual service. State-of-the-art NLP (natural language processing) technology in combination with our non-linear, free-flow dialog design allow you to state what you want, how you want.

The way you choose

Tell our bot when you are free, who you would like to see, and what your hairstyle should be, the way you choose.

“Is Marc free in the afternoon for a men’s haircut on Jan 22nd?”

Either specify all details at once, make up your mind as you are guided by the bot, or change previously stated details anytime during the conversation. You are not sure who you want to see right away? Each staff member is featured in a carousel for easy browsing and picking.

A carousel, showing available staff members.

To find a free time slot, chatpointment now additionally checks the availability of the chosen staff member. Marion and Marc have their own work-day availability, weekly off days, and separate calendar entries.

Once you confirm a booking, the chosen stylist is stated in the studio’s calendar event details, as well as in the event customers can import into their private calendars.

Customize your bot experience

Just like business details, opening hours, and offered services, staff members will be fully manageable by business owners and can be added and modified at any time.

Ready to get started?

Try for yourself: Get to know Marion & Marc and book yourself an appointment at Get Cut Or Try Dyeing Hair Studio Demo!