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May 24, 2018

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Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Service providers may be forced to cancel an appointment on short notice. If so, they must inform their clients in time to avoid a terrible customer experience. Besides directly messaging a client, chatpointment now allows to collect additional, urgent contact information as part of the booking conversation.

Urgent contact information

With chatpointment, service providers can save time by not needing to work the phone to accept reservations. Clients can book appointments by themselves, whenever they want. But there is more to it than that: A booking with chatpointment establishes a one-to-one connection via messaging between client and service provider. Service providers can always follow-up manually and message their clients in person, should the need arise.

However, in some cases it is desirable for service providers to have an alternative way to contact their customers. In urgent situations, like when a service provider needs to cancel due to force majeure, a phone call is often the quickest solution to reach a client on short notice.

Phone number prompt

To support this, our latest ‘Delta Chatauri’ release features the possibility to collect urgent contact information. If a service provider chooses to make use of this feature, chatpointment will prompt a user for his or her phone number before offering to confirm the booking.

Messenger conveniently offers phone number linked to account

Confirmed urgent contact information leads to booking proposal

Messenger makes providing ones phone number convenient: If you have a number linked to your Facebook account, Messenger will offer the number to you in the conversation and thus saves you the typing effort. As a user, you only have to hit the phone number button to send it off.

In case one prefers another number or in case there is no number available for Messenger to offer, one can enter it manually, too. The urgent contact information gets written into the corresponding calendar event and is easily accessible for the service provider.

Configurable behavior

The behavior of the urgent contact feature can be set according to the preferences of a service provider. Some may require urgent contact information when accepting a reservation, whereas others may skip it in favor of a leaner booking experience. However, it is also possible to instruct chatpointment to offer a client to optionally provide his or her phone number, without making it a requirement before completing the booking.

Demo, maybe?

Try our live Messenger demos or chat with our web-based demo to experience how quick it is to make a booking with our chatbot! Demos & Showcases on our website!