Health care showcase in German

April 24, 2018

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Our second showcase is the fictional dental clinic Praxis Biss-Fest that demonstrates the applicability of chatpointment in the health care domain. As the name indicates, this demo is in German, which is the first language other than English that is available for chatpointment.

Just like our first showcase Get Cut Or Try Dyeing, ‘Praxis Biss-Fest’ has its own business Facebook page. The booking conversation can either be initiated via the ‘Send Message’ button or by directly searching and contacting PraxisBissFest in Messenger.

Customized & localized

Business details, offered services and team members are all individually customized to fit the dental clinic shared by ‘Dr. Fest’ and ‘Dr. Biss’. The conversation flow itself offers the usual freedom and flexibility when it comes to stating details like date, time, service and team member. Stating all details in a single message at once or letting the bot prompt the required details, works equally in German as it does in English. References to time and date are of course localized accordingly.

Interested? Try for yourself

Message Praxis Biss-Fest and try for yourself!

Would you like chatpointment to speak your language, too? Let us know, we might already be working on it!