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May 09, 2018

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Our latest ‘Delta Chatauri’ release was all about improving the booking experience. We have overhauled the look-and-feel of conversations and the appointment details page which clients can visit to import a booking into their private calendar.

More branding opportunities for businesses

The page now offers more branding opportunities for businesses and prominently features Facebook cover and profile image. Up until now, clients received a link to that page via a shortened URL that was embedded in a message sent by the bot once the booking was confirmed.

“How ugly is that?”, you might ask. So did we! Therefore, we decided to make this link more easily accessible by presenting a button as part of the confirmation message that speaks for itself: ‘Add to calendar’.

The new ‘Add to calendar’ button

Branded appointment details page

Updated conversation flow

Another change we made to the conversation flow is that when starting, clients will initially be prompted for their requested service instead of date and/or time. By doing so, the bot knows upfront how much time to allocate and can thus make meaningful suggestions regarding available time slots.

After all, this update to the bot’s behavior much more resembles how a ‘real’ person would go about quickly finding suitable time slots for a client. Despite this change to how the bot initiates the conversation, clients can of course still state what they want, how they want, and specify a preferred time and date upfront, as well.


On top of that, we made it easier for clients to find a free time slot fast, by pro-actively giving suggestions regarding available slots during the conversation.

Urgent contact information

Another new feature is the ability for service providers to request additional contact information before a booking can be confirmed. This helps service providers to get in touch with their clients on short notice if they are forced to cancel an appointment.

Ready to get started?

Stay tuned to learn more about these new features in upcoming blog posts or try the new features right away by checking out our Demos & Showcases on our website!