Fastest on the planet: From zero to chatbot in less than 60 seconds

July 04, 2018

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Instead of ‘Zeta Chatauri’, our latest release should really be known as ‘Cheetah Chatauri’, because signing up and activating a chatbot for a page has gotten super fast! Random piece of information: ‘Cheetah’ is ‘Gepard’ in German. Actually, not that random: The chatpointment web app is now also available in German!

Just a minute

We have simplified the sign-up process to let service providers rapidly set up their appointment booking chatbot. When signing up for the first time, the chatpointment app will right away create a staff member based on one’s public Facebook profile and add a default ‘consultation’ service.

All that’s left to do before activating the chatbot is to choose a Facebook page, synchronize its business details and create the ‘chatpointment’ Google calendar.

That’s it! From sign-up to your bot’s first response in no time.

Of course, one will want to add specific services and staff members to really brand chatpointment to one’s business. Doing so becomes much simpler as one already gets a head start with the defaults created during sign-up. Simply edit the created defaults or add new services and team members similar to the ones already there.

German, chatpointment, do you speak it?

chatpointment’s appointment booking chatbot has already been fluent in German, and one could simple switch the preferred language between English and German on the ‘Advanced’ settings page in the chatpointment app. When initially synchronizing business details from your chosen page, timezone and language will be automatically set for you based on the business location stated on your Facebook page.

Switching between chatbot languages

However, the app itself was only available in English until now. With ‘Zeta Chatauri’ we made the app available in German as well. The default language setting is based on your browser’s language preference but can of course be manually changed, too.

App is now available in German and English

Sounds purr-fect for your business?

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