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June 21, 2018

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Our latest release ‘Epsilon Chatauri’ makes chatpointment available to the public. Service providers can sign up and get a free appointment chatbot for their Facebook page within minutes.

Join for free now

Sign up for chatpointment and get your business chatbot in minutes:

  • Start by choosing a Facebook page managed by you and automatically synchronize business details (e.g.: opening hours, address, etc.) from there.
  • Then, define the services your business offers and create a team of bookable staff members.
  • Allow chatpointment to create a Google Calendar for your bookings.
  • Finally, connect the chatbot to your Facebook page.

That’s it! Your clients can now connect with your business via Facebook Messenger and book appointments in real-time. We will describe each of the above steps in detail in upcoming blog posts. But it’s okay to be impatient: Try for yourself right now!

Booking notifications

In addition to making the chatpointment app publicly available, ‘Epsilon Chatauri’ features a convenient improvement for service providers: Each new booking triggers an email notification to succinctly inform service providers about a new entry in their calendar. Notification can be enabled or disabled directly within Google Calendar settings.

Demo time: Right here and now!

Did you notice anything new at We have added a chat window to our landing page that allows you to try our bot directly from the web. The conversation flow is the same users experience when using chatpointment on Messenger. In particular, the web demo replicates the business setup of ‘Get Cut Or Try Dyeing’, our hair studio showcase. Appointments are again added to a publicly visible calendar with obfuscated appointment details, of course.

Welcoming the GDPR

Finally, our latest release includes updates to our privacy policy due to the GDPR having gone into full effect on May 25th. In the spirit of the GDPR, we make clear in simple terms what data chatpointment processes and for which purpose that data is used. At the beginning of each conversation we provide a prominently featured button ‘Terms & Privacy’ that leads to a page that succinctly informs users about what happens to data they choose to share.

Succinct Terms and Privacy page

Care for more?

Do you prefer another form of booking notification? Would you like to use chatpointment directly embedded on your web page? Let us know what you think or contact us on Facebook!